Me -

Good day! I'm Chauncea. I am a junior at the highschool which happens to be in my bedroom. Jesus saved me a while back, and I strive to live for Him. My hair is awfully voluminous and wavy, and has oft been compared to a lion's mane. I deeply enjoy music (guitar, ukulele, voice), art (painting, drawing), philosophy (also theology and Christian apologetics), and writing (poetry, stories, or whatever happens to appear on my paper). I am a lover of all things vintage. Oh yes, and coffee. Coffee is good.

This Blog -

This blog I now construct is dedicated to reflections and certain aspects of my life I write down and how they might inspire hope, joy, comfort, thoughtfulness, or perhaps simply entertainment to those who read them. And if not, this shall function well as a place to record and organize my sentience as a teenager. That's all I have planned thus far.

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